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 What makes me the right person to help you?

I specialise in nutrition and coaching programmes for men and women who are serious about losing weight once and for all, and who might also have other health concerns associated with being overweight. I don’t ask you to give up all your favourite foods. Why? Because nutrition programmes based on choice restriction usually fail. People get tired of feeling deprived. They go off their programmes, and even worse, then feel bad about themselves for not having enough will power, discipline, or motivation to stick to their regimes.

I’m a working mum of two grown-up children and have had my own personal battles with sugar and emotional eating. So I understand the complexities of family life and also the challenges of making life-long dietary, lifestyle and mindset changes. And how they can utterly transform your life.

I love helping men and women who want to lose weight regain their confidence in their bodies and themselves, to start living the life they want and deserve. I help put you back in the driver’s seat so you can be an active participant in the management of your health and well-being- and start to love your life again!

What sets me apart from other practitioners?300-px

I not only look at your nutrition and lifestyle but also your individual psychology and mindset. The latter can be harnessed advantageously to help you reach your goals, and stay there. But they can also be an obstacle sometimes if not managed properly. So I take time to unpick those important aspects and help reset your frame of mind if necessary.

I also don’t just use one weight-loss approach for all my clients. I look at your individual health profile, your psychology, mindset, motivators, your work schedule, past weight loss experiences, your all-round needs, and then create your individual programme.

Here are the tools I’ll use to help you reach your health goals:

  1. Evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle education to give you the knowledge of what you need to do
  2. Motivational coaching to help you translate knowing what to do into actually doing it. There’s no point knowing what to do if you can’t implement it! We find out what’s important for you, what your mindset is and what will keep you motivated to stay on track long-term
  3. Accountability to make sure you stay on target for achieving your goals
  4. Various psychological tools, including evidence-based “tapping” or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). These help you reduce your reliance on willpower and self-discipline, and help overcome the barriers that keep you stuck in repeating patterns and unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Research shows you’ll be 80% more likely to succeed in reaching your goals if we combine nutrition with psychology than just using nutritional advice on its own!

Contact me for a FREE 30- minute Phone Consultation

I would love to help you regain the healthy body you dream of- and your zest for life alongside it! Please contact me to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation 30 minute phone consultation to see if we’re a good fit.

Many people have questions about how my approach can help them. I am very happy to discuss your health concerns and explore ways we can work together. If you decide you’d like to work with me, I’ll tell you the exact steps you need to get going. If you decide not to work with me or if we aren’t a perfect fit, I’m happy to share other resources to help you get what you need. I look forward to speaking with you!

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