About Consultations

What To Expect During Your Consultationbookyourapp

  • Detailed analysis of your dietary and nutritional intake as well as lifestyle habits.
  • Detailed health and family case history.
  • A strategy for optimal health which links your symptoms to nutritional imbalances and provides support and encouragement to change diet and lifestyle.
  • Detailed Plan – personalised advice for diet and lifestyle changes
  • Supplement Programme – details of any recommended nutritional supplements, if required.
  • The recommendation of non-invasive functional tests if required, to help ascertain any underlying functional imbalances

Prior To Your Visit

Prior to your appointment, you will be asked to complete a questionnaire covering past medical history, family health, current health issues, diet (including a 3 day food diary) and lifestyle. I ask clients to return it to me 3 days prior to their visit as I analyse it in advance so that I can build a picture of your health profile and plan how to best support you in reaching your goals. That way we can focus our attention completely on your action plan during your visit.


Any queries arising from your health questionnaire will be discussed at your first visit. This really helps build a comprehensive picture of your health, as well as establishing a working relationship that is collaborative and understanding. I’ll explain to you wherever possible how your current symptoms may be related to your food choices, lifestyle and personal circumstances to help clarify areas requiring adjustment. Together we will agree on practical and realistic modifications to produce an individualised dietary, lifestyle and if appropriate, nutritional supplement programme that you feel positive about and is within your comfort zone.

Follow-up visits will monitor your progress, address any other concerns, review and adjust your programme and further motivate you.


Supplements are never the main focus of the consultation, but may be used to support dietary modifications. This is because sometimes food alone may not be sufficient to provide all the nutrients your body needs in optimal quantities to significantly impact on your health concerns. Therefore, supplements may be recommended on a short-term basis to support your nutritional programme.


Occasionally, non-invasive functional tests (such as temperature, saliva, urine, stool etc) are recommended if the underlying causes of your health concerns are not immediately apparent or several possibilities exist. Where laboratory testing is recommended, most tests can be carried out in the convenience of your own home and then returned to the laboratory for analysis.

Private Health Insurance

CNHC registered Nutritional Therapists like myself are recognised for reimbursement for Nutritional Therapy with a number of private health plan providers such as Health Shield, and  Westfield Health. Please check with your individual provider.