Success Stories

Healthy Eating During Ramamdan

I work for an international bank and wanted to plan an event for the Muslim Network, one of our employee groups. As Ramadan was approaching I wanted to ask a guest nutritionist to come in and speak about eating well for the month, and contacted several people. Sylvia was the only one who actually listened to the brief that I provided and was highly proactive. She answered all of my calls/emails/texts (very important when event planning!), and was highly professional throughout. The end result was a presentation that I was extremely happy with – she had clearly researched the topic well and the results were clear. Her presentation was interesting, engaging and highly informative. I could not recommend her enough and the feedback we have been receiving from our members on the event has been phenomenal. She even offered two complimentary services, including an offer to follow up with some tips post-event to ensure people stay engaged with the topic. She is wonderful to work with and I am just so pleased!” M. HR

Stress Seminar for Forsters LLP

“Sylvia conducted a presentation on healthy eating and managing stress as part of our “Wellness Month” in February. She was tremendously informative and immensely knowledgeable. Our staff were very much impressed with the presentation, and found her advice extremely practical and easy to implement into their everyday lives. Thank you once again Sylvia for coming to present to us.” Alexandra Bevens HR

Nutrition Education Seminar for Bacardi-Martini Corporation Limited

“We invited Sylvia to join us to run an interactive 1 hour session on nutrition during our January well-being month. I found Sylvia to be a joy to work with before, during and after the event. She understood our brief and combined basic clear nutrition information with topical subjects including food and alcohol, superfoods and “is low fat really low fat”? I would definitely not hesitate inviting Sylvia back should the occasion arise”.

Heidi Wood, Senior HR Manager, Bacardi -Martini Corporation Limited, London

Stress Workshop for The Metropolitan London Hotel

“Thank you Sylvia for attending our Health Awareness Day on Stress and giving my colleagues the benefit of your expertise on how stress can be combated through nutrition.  I know that everyone who attended really enjoyed your presentation and the personalised advice you gave in response to the many and varied questions asked.  Having caught up with some of my colleagues this week I know that some have been quick to implement your good advice.  Thank you once again and I hope that we will have the opportunity to work with you again in the future. ”

Sarah Gouges, HR & Training Manager at The Metropolitan London Hotel, Mayfair

Healthy Eating Seminar for Octavia Housing Association

“Sylvia ran a session on healthy eating as part of our ‘New Year New You’ initiative and was very friendly, approachable and immensely knowledgeable on the subject matter. The workshop was interactive and provided ample opportunities for people to ask questions which Sylvia handled competently. She also provided lots of practical advice during the course of the session. The staff response was very positive; members found it thought-provoking and some have already made dietary changes. We are now armed with a few ideas for meals and are more mindful of how nutrition really does affect our health. We hope to invite Sylvia back soon to present other health and nutrition topics.”

Lisa Hobbs, Learning & Development Manager, Octavia Housing, London

Anti-Ageing Seminar for Neal’s Yard Remedies

“Sylvia presented an excellent seminar on 7 SECRETS TO HEALTHY AGEING – YOUTHFUL LOOKS. ” Her enthusiasm and knowledge about nutrition and health were evident. The seminar was informative, enjoyable and right on target-the audience was engaged from start to finish. I would highly recommend Sylvia’s nutrition seminars.” Sonja Gojkovi, Manager at St John’s Wood Neal’s Yard Remedies, London

Chronic Pain, Weight Loss, Panic Attacks, Insomnia, Thyroid Dysfunction to Health Transformation

I have been a patient of Sylvia’s for a decade. When I first saw her I was working in advertising, was burned out, stressed, had been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, had panic attacks and zero thyroid function. I had three broken discs and even moving around was hard, It was miserable. I had put on 30 kilos and just couldn’t manage everything on my own any more so I thought I’d at least get some help with my weight. As all my other conditions were ‘chronic’ and having seen more doctors than I cared to remember, I really believed that not much else had room for improvement, it became normal to wake up in the morning and want to go straight back to bed. And, and, and…..

I got really lucky the day I went looking for a nutritional therapist and was given Sylvia’s details through a professional body. What I thought was going to be a getting back to my usual weight with several obstacles (which I would have been really pleased with) turned into a transformation of my health and well-being which I couldn’t have imagined at the beginning of my journey. Everything changed, absolutely everything. One by one she turned every one of my symptoms around, being 30 kilos lighter is irrelevant compared to disappearing panic attacks, insomnia, inflammation which made me mobile again, which allowed me to improve my general fitness, which made me want to exercise, which made me feel better, which eventually made me feel brave enough again to change career and move country. She is one of those special people who have a huge impact on your life and who you are always grateful for.

Obviously I can hardly recommend Sylvia highly enough. The sheer breadth and depth of her professional knowledge, her sensitivity, her thoroughness and perhaps most importantly her honest desire to see you get better make her an outstanding practitioner and just a great person to have in your corner. I know myself that it can be hard to take the first step but if you are reading this, you deserve to feel better and you have found the right nutritional therapist. They just don’t come any better. You will never regret it. J. Richards

Interstitial Cystitis (Bladder Pain Syndrome) & Weight Loss

I suffer from a rare chronic disease of the bladder called Interstitial Cystitis. It’s a debilitating disease which is affected by anything I eat or drink . I looked up Sylvia on Google and she was the only Nutritional Therapist who had come across my problem and had previously helped another sufferer . I was told by doctors that my problem was incurable and was put onto lots of different drugs ( none of which helped with the pain). I knew my issue was caused by food and the help given by medical professionals is very limited . Sylvia had written a blog about IC so I felt that she had some idea of how to help me.

When I met her I was blown over by how kind and lovely she is . I was not intimidated and she did not tell me off for anything I may not have done which was encouraging. She helped me to look at a fabulous natural way of dealing with all of my separate issues and the supplements have changed my life . She has advised me with diet and gave me the tools to help myself with books, recipes and lifestyle changes. I put into practise most of what she gave me to try and I am now in remission which I feared would never happen!!

The tapping she does is also amazing and has helped me in times of desperation . I feel like Sylvia is an angel who came to save me as I was very depressed and at my wits end when we met . I now have a new lease of life and feel fantastic . On top of all of that she has also given me the best advice ever about exercise and I’m starting to lose some weight gained while on medications.

Sylvia is professional, kind, caring and you connect with her so she is there for support . I felt very open with her and trusted her opinions and I felt confident and comfortable around her. I highly recommend Sylvia and can’t praise her enough for stopping my pain and bringing back the old me ( improved version of course!) . She helped me when nobody else could . Out of the darkness came the light . She was there like my angel to guide and encourage a new lifestyle and I’ve never been so happy . Thank you truly from my heart for all the help and support you have given me . I feel like Sylvia is not just a therapist, she is my friend . Natasha Bonner Age 46

Digestive Problems for 20 Years Affecting Sleep and Energy

Your advice and wisdom is giving me a lot of hope and inspiration. Your goodness and kindness have touched me deeply. The way you work so much more personal and caring than any health professional I have ever experienced. You put your whole mind and heart into it and it means so much for the person being helped on so many levels. Father J.O. M., R.C. Church

Anxiety & Insomnia

Just to say thank you for the recent most helpful sessions I have had with you. I am particularly grateful to you for introducing me to tapping. I use it to deal with a variety of issues, including anxiety & insomnia as and when they arise. You are a good listener and I have been impressed as to how you applied everything I had talked to you about to the tapping. I feel I am now in the right direction. H. H.

Health Optimisation

I met Sylvia when I moved to London. My personal trainer referred me to her. My focus is health, happiness and longevity. Every meeting with Sylvia was jam packed with helpful information. I always left the meetings with a skip in my step because not only does Sylvia impart nutritional information but she incorporates a lifestyle/holistic approach. She knows all the tips and tricks to set you on the right path. Sylvia is so personable, you can tell her everything. She is your instant friend. She is so smart and knowledgeable that she can guide you through the detailed plans with confidence and smiles. I learned so much about food and life during our two year relationship. I can’t recommend Sylvia highly enough“. K.M.

Developing a Healthy Relationship to Food

Working with Sylvia has led me to a lot of “ah ha!” moments and I feel at lot calmer and at peace with my eating habits. I am now able to have a treat without succumbing to the all or nothing approach, which ultimately led to bingeing. Previously, I felt trapped by these habits and did not know if they’d ever stop, I am happy to say my mind is a lot clear now – I’ve seen a vast improvement with my relationship to food. Sylvia is great at helping you sort through your own mind, assisting you in clearing the path for a lot of breakthroughs to a healthier mindset, for me  particularly in my relationship to food. L.M.

Complex Mixture of Symptoms

“I started seeing Sylvia last year with a multitude of concerns which my doctor had over the years been unable to resolve fully.  Sylvia is endlessly kind and patient and incredibly smart.  She has spent so much time unpicking the problems and giving me constant advice and support way beyond the extent of any other practitioner I have come across.  Her advice has made a real, physical difference but perhaps more importantly has put my health back in my own hands.  Sylvia really is exceptional – in her knowledge, service and value.” J.R.

Weight Loss

“I was very over-weight, I had trouble sleeping, trouble concentrating at work, and spending lots of money buying terrible meals and sweets throughout the day. I wasn’t sure I would be successful in losing the weight I was hoping to lose, and I was concerned that after an initial period of “faking it” I would give up and quit. But the programme with Sylvia completely changed my health. I feel amazing, my sleep routine has much improved, which in turn has improved both my private and my work life. It has also led me creating a very healthy fitness routine. Sylvia taught me what healthy eating is – she taught me how to eat so that I wasn’t hungry. That changed everything: once I wasn’t scrambling to stuff food down I could start thinking about which food I was eating, and slowly moving to a healthier diet.” D. W.

Stubborn Fat Loss

I feel my body is finally able to burn fat, something my body was not able to do very well before starting the programme! Sylvia is very caring and certainly knows what she is doing. I would definitely recommend her. A. M.


“I spent years trying different types of therapies for “dermatitis”. After just one visit (and a few support emails!) with Sylvia my skin looked and felt better than it had since I was a kid. But her nutritional advice didn’t only benefit me, the changes to my eating habits have benefited my whole family. K.T.

Low Immunity & Lethargy

“I used to have very low immunity and constantly suffered from colds and sore throats. I also felt lethargic and tired for most of the time.  During my consultation, Sylvia gave me some simple tips to modify my diet and lifestyle and recommended some supplements. These proved to be a GREAT SUCESSS. After only 2 consultations, I feel GREAT now, and am only taking one supplement, which helps me to sustain my immunity.” N.B.

Toddler with Chronic Digestive Problems

“Sylvia’s help has been invaluable for the health and well-being of our three year old son. Our conventional gastroenterologist was unable to resolve his chronic condition and inexplicable frequent changes to bowl movements. Through her detailed knowledge about nutrition combined with years of practical experience and observation as a mother, Sylvia could give us very useful dietary advice, cooking instructions, ways to sneak goodies into favourite foods, and places to shop for the right ingredients. What I particularly appreciated was that her dietary recommendations were very realistic and manageable for a busy household, and taking into account what works with kids! Sylvia also recommended a very beneficial supplements package and gently but persistently ensured that we stick to it – with huge benefits.Her attention to detail to our son’s condition has been second to none, and she goes out of her way to ensure his health improves. His digestion is now practically normal and he is thriving as a result.” C.O. London

Serious Hormonal Imbalance

“I consulted Sylvia with suspicions that I was suffering from a serious hormonal imbalance. I had read a lot on the subject, both online and in books, but I really needed someone to help me sort through all the advice and focus on what was right for me. Sylvia helped me see that simply by adjusting not just what, but how I ate, I could gain real benefits- not just for my hormonal health but for energy and stress levels as well. With so many companies recommending expensive ‘magic bullet’ remedies I was pleased to find out that Sylvia saw supplements just as a support to a healthy eating plan and not the main way of treating my condition. She made it clear I would not be taking all these supplements forever but just until I started to feel I had the condition under control.

It is now almost a year since my first consultation with Sylvia and I now feel that I am completely in control of the condition, rather than it controlling me. As an added bonus I feel I have the energy to cope with a busy and stressful lifestyle. Sylvia’s support has been consistent throughout this time, always on hand for advice. I feel that my general health has benefitted in many ways since consulting with Sylvia (I haven’t had a cold in the last year for example) and that my consultations with her have really given me so much more than I expected.” S. T.

Weight Gain & Energy

“Sylvia, thanks so much for all your support. Before I changed my eating and lifestyle habits, I weighed 80 kilograms. After 2 months I am 73 kilograms and feel very light & energetic. My waist has shrunk from 33inches to 30 inches and it means so much to me.  Once again thanks for everything.” M.P. London





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