About Health Coaching

Are you ready to move forward, want to prioritise your health and well-being, but need help bridging the gap between just thinking about it and turning it into actual reality? Then Health Coaching could help empower you to take back control over your health and create the healthy lifestyle you really want for yourself.

Health Coaching is a powerful process which provides the support, structure and accountability that makes it 80% more likely that you’ll reach your goals rather than using nutritional advice on its own. Because learning about a healthy lifestyle is one thing, but actually putting it into practice it is another.

Much of our eating and lifestyle behaviour are habits that we perform automatically, allowing us to carry out essential activities every day without thinking about them. This frees up brain resources to carry out other more complex tasks like solving problems.

The good news is that recent research on neuroplasticity—the ability of the brain to change even in adulthood—shows that we can rewire our brain and develop new habits. Research shows that we need 3 weeks to break a habit, 6 weeks to build a new one, and 36 weeks to embed it into  an engrained habitual behaviour.2 people running on bridge

Health Coaching can help you:

  • Create a vision of the life you want and clearly define your well-being goals
  • Discover what will really motivate you long-term to stay on track and achieve your goals
  • Help you overcome barriers  that keep you stuck in unhealthy lifestyle habits
  • Create a clear step-by-step  path towards achieving your goals
  • Facilitate a negative  to positive mindset – your mindset is responsible for 90% of what you achieve, so it’s worth investing in!
  • Create accountability which keeps you committed to achieving your own goals
  • Empower you  maximise your own health